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    Beckett Email FAQ

    Beckett Post Purchase FAQ’S


    1) I’ve ordered but where is my store?

    After purchase, you will have received an email to the same email address that you purchased using with the subject "Download Your Pre-built Store Here". This email contains an instructional video which guides you on exactly how to set up your Shopify account and use the store files.

    Please follow the linked YouTube video, this will show you how to upload the store to your own account.

    Alternatively, please follow this video: https://youtu.be/oagHfKfvoqk 


    2) My files won’t upload to my Shopify account, what do I do?

    This will be because you are:

    A) not uploading the correct file - please follow the instructional video accurately and ensure you are following step by step.

    B) Not unzipping the initial file as instructed by the instructional video - if this is the case, and you don't know how to unzip a file, please watch any youtube tutorial on how to unzip files. This will allow your files to work correctly and upload to your account.

    Please refer to this video if you are still struggling:



    3) Where are the suppliers/how do I fulfil orders?

    It’s a really easy process to fulfil the orders you get on your website!

    Once a customer has placed an order you’ll head over to the “Supplier List” pdf which you can find in the same folder that your product CSV file was in. Pick the supplier for the product the customer purchased and then purchase the product from the supplier using your card details and billing info and input the customers details in the shipping details.

    If you’re fulfilling through Ali express make sure to leave a note saying “This is a dropshipping order, please do not include any details about the order”. That way, the customer will never know it was dropshipped :)


    4) This is not what I ordered. I thought the store would be built for me?

    The store has in fact been build for you. For privacy purposes, we are unable to set up the shopify account for hosting the store. However, if you follow our instructions you are able to upload the store we have created. Your store can be operational within minutes of purchase! All this information on what you receive is listed in the product description.


    5) How can I get a refund?

    Please see full refunds policy here:



    If none of these FAQ’S apply to you, please email us back here at